16 Aug 2019


Giants Hooker takes a look back on his career as he reaches his 200th appearance

Adam O'Brien is set to reach a significant milestone this week, notching up 199 career appearances so far and in the 19-man squad for this weekend's fixture against Castleford Tigers. We caught up with the Hooker and reviewed his career so far.

"It’s a great feeling and a massive personal achievement for me. I'm proud to have played 200 appearances and delighted to have appeared in so many Super League games" said O'Brien. 

O'Brien has had many great games at the club, but points to a recent fixture, the 55-2 win over Hull at Magic Weekend, as the best of his career.

"I have a couple favourite game which one was my debut against Huddersfield which that feeling was unbelievable making your super league debut and probably the game at Anfield this year - being a Liverpool fan and having my family there, winning and getting two tries and warming up to you’ll never walk alone can't really be beaten, can it."

"I think scoring two at Anfield is my favourite ever try as well... best feeling ever. Don't think that will be beaten!"

O'Brien paid tribute to his former teammate at Bradford Bulls, Joe Keyes, who he said was his best teammate during his career. 

"Since we moved from London’s we've lived together, travelled together, trained together over 2 years he became a big part of the family - I think he's my best teammate in the game"

Finally, O'Brien's hopes for the rest of his career are simple. "I would love to play another 200 career appearances that on its own would be a great personal achievement. But I would also like to make it to a final - that would be the dream."

Celebrate #AOB200 this Sunday!