25 Oct 2019


Huddersfield Giants have appointed Lewis Chapman as Head Analyst for the 2020 Season.

Huddersfield Giants have appointed Lewis Chapman to the coaching staff for 2020. Chapman will be the clubs Head Analyst and is a role that new Head of Rugby Andy Kelly sees as pivotal to provide the necessary support for the players and coaches.

Andy Kelly said “The role of the data analyst grows each year with the advent of technology into the coaches and players daily routines. 

"What the good analysts do is free up time for the coaches to work with the players on the areas that are felt necessary. A picture can paint a thousand words they say and for players in particular to actually see where they are on the field, the lines they take, the depth of their runs and such like is a great tool for development and improvement. 

"We video many of our sessions using drone technology from above and it will be Lewis’ role to give the coaches and players what they need from this alongside their GPS data and the like. It can sound very scientific but it is the world we now operate in and is a key position for us to have the right person in. 

"Lewis has an excellent background and had extensive experience at Castleford and is ready to take the step full time now and we are delighted to have him on board.”

Chapman said “I'll be trying to support the players and coaching staff providing them with as much information as possible and hopefully improve performance"

"We'll provide information through stats, video as quickly as possible. We'll try and provide as much pivotal information when it's needed to help the first team performance"

"Looking forward to getting involved, I've seen the town, the training centre and the Stadium. I met Simon and the coaching staff and I know that's going to be an important relationship going forward, I'm looking forward to a successful season."

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