28 Oct 2019

HGCT and NCS announce continued partnership

Thousands of Young People will join a National Youth Programme through Huddersfield Giants Community Trust

From 2020, Huddersfield Giants Community Trust will engage over thousands young people aged 16 and 17, delivering National Citizen Service (NCS), a 4-week programme funded by the Government. 

In partnership with EFL Trust, Huddersfield Giants Community Trust won the contract to continue the delivery of NCS from 2020 onwards joining 65 Delivery Partners that will be managed by EFL Trust.

NCS is one of the fastest growing youth programmes engaging 500,000 young people since piloting in 2009. The NCS experience will give young people a clearer idea of what they want from their future. They will take on fresh challenges, get a taste of independence and be given a platform to have their voices heard and deliver a social action project that will positively impact their local area. Through EFL Trust, over 1.8 million hours of voluntary work has been delivered addressing local and national issues which young people are passionate about such as mental health, the environment and plastic waste.

Huddersfield Giants Community Trust has delivered NCS since 2011 engaging over young people 3,000 During that time young people have delivered over 70,000 hours of social action in Huddersfield which has included Generating over 50 local care home projects to make the lives of the users a lot more enjoyable and comfortable.

Jordan Robinson Wilson graduated NCS with Huddersfield Giants Community Trust in 2014 and believes that the programme has change his life;

‘NCS with Huddersfield has changed my life, I was never particularly committed to education, I would much rather be out playing football on the fields than sat in a classroom. When I got the opportunity to do NCS I thought well it’s a week away with the lads and something to do in my half term. Little did I know that it would be life changing. I loved the program and the skills it gave me, so much. I decided to apply to be a graduate, I was then fortunate to step up into an ambassador’s role, this gave me a year of volunteering, helping out with the office tasks and events and a paid seasonal position in the summer. Now 5 years on I was lucky enough to be awarded a full-time position in the NCS Team with Huddersfield, and I love my job and the difference I am making. I can relate to young people, and use my story to influence others deciding whether to do NCS and create their own future’.

Katy Stockdale, NCS Manager, Huddersfield Giants Community Trust is delighted to be part of the new network of NCS delivery partners saying.

‘I have been a part of the NCS EFLT network for over 7 years, and have seen the program grow and develop in Huddersfield, throughout this time. We have shared some incredible experiences together, and I have seen the program first hand, transform individuals into inspirational citizens of the future. Now entering into 2020, I am exciting to see how the NCS movement can grow and further shape young people’s commitment to their future and communities.

Chief Executive of NCS Trust, Michael Lynas said;

“I’m incredibly proud of everything that NCS has achieved in the last ten years. As it moves into the next phase of its life, I’m confident NCS can make a more significant difference for our young people and their communities than ever before.”