30 Mar 2020

Lucky winner pockets £10,000

Gordan Maclellan has won the jackpot in the Giant Cash Bonanza Week 52 draw.

The year-end draw for the Giant Cash Bonanza was completed on Friday, and saw Gordan Maclellan take home the £10,000 Jackpot. The Week 52 draw is the highlight of the Giant Cash Bonanza year, and sees one lucky winner pocket £10,000 and ten lucky runners-up win £500. 

£10,000.00 Winner

Gordon Maclellan

£500.00 winners

Shirley Davison 

Colette Hazelwood 

Kamila Jankowska 

S J Foster 

T P Martin 

Peter Thompson 

P A Lomas 

Richard Schofield 

Carol Wright 

Celia Dennett

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