02nd February 2018


Next Senior Giants meeting with John Smith’s Stadium Chief Executive Gareth Davies on 7th February

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Jermaine McGillvary was the most recent guest speaker at January’s Senior Giants meeting, in which he spoke alongside fellow World Cup representative Oliver Roberts who featured for Ireland at the competition.

Jerry performed extremely well in the Rugby League World Cup down under, and it certainly did not go unnoticed by the Senior Giants, who honoured the Giants star with an award for his performances:

“It was a huge surprise. I didn’t realise people took it in that much so I was honoured to win an award, and especially from your own fans to appreciate what you have done, being so far from home in that environment. For the town to get behind me and show their support, that was great, it was a real pleasure to win the award.”

Jermaine was pleased with the event and was eager to attend once he heard that he was invited, as he believes it is important to have a good relationship between the players and the fans:

“I always wanted to do the Senior Giants when I first heard that they wanted me to come. I found it difficult with training and things, but I started training a bit earlier to get out to do it. It’s always nice to interact with the fans, just so they can see what the players are like. They just watch us on the field and some of us aren’t so good with our mouths, so it is nice to see each other up close and personal.”

The next Senior Giants meeting will be held at PPG Canalside on Wednesday 7th February at 2pm, with Stadium Chief Executive Gareth Davies in attendance as the guest speaker. Reading what Jerry said earlier about the interaction between fans and players, be sure to come down and enjoy a fun-filled fan event with a guest speaker every month, it is something not to be missed.


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