4 Oct 2018


Cyclewear company make Huddersfield Giants inspired cycle kit for a supporter

Having joined the Giants Business Club earlier this year, bespoke cyclewear company Jackal Trick recently had a visit from Huddersfield Giants fan Vince Binns.

Vince had his own Giants inspired cycling kit created at the company, who are locally based in Huddersfield and specialise in handmade customisable cyclewear, and commented: 

“The service at Jackal Trick was fantastic, the fitting was great and the product is really nice and comfortable. The fact that they’ve supported and promoted my Club makes me think that it’s only right I give them a fair shot and shop there.

“I started supporting the Club in 1967, Halifax away was my first game, so that’s 51 years I’ve been supporting Huddersfield. All my children and grandchildren are fans as well, they go to the games. I passed by Jackal Trick the other day and it had a Giants badge in the window which makes you more interested. But saying that, you still want quality and quantity and they certainly provided that, so I’d definitely recommend them.”

Jackal Trick are able to design and hand make cyclewear using 3D body scanning and fit-simulation technology to produce unique clothing to the precise requirements of what you want, offering a wide range of different styles, colours and patterns for you to select from.

For more information on Jackal Trick please visit their website by following the link https://www.jackaltrick.co.uk/

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