10 Jul 2019


We talk to Huddersfield Giants Women Co-Captain about the 2019 Women's Championship Season.

Jamie Leigh-Scott is the Co-Captain of Huddersfield Giants Women, who made the step up from the Women's Under 19 Competition last year to the Women's Championship this year. After their excellent win over Leigh Miner Rangers in the Championship last week, we spoke to her about the team, some of the key faces and the rest of the year. 

Tell us about some of the star girls in your team – who should Huddersfield fans look out for when watching the team?  

I think every player is good as an individual in their different roles. Two of the stand-out players for me are definitely Isabel Bibby and Erin Stott. Isabel has taken on a new position during this season and is a natural in her new role. 

She’s strong in defence and even stronger in attack. Erin is one of the youngest players on the team and she doesn’t shy away from making any tackles no matter how big the opposition. She’s also very strong in attack, once she starts running, she’s hard to stop. She brushes off defenders and makes the game look easy!

How difficult has the transition to the Championship from the Under 19s competition been for you in 2019?

I think the transition has had its ups and downs. We started the season off really well. We had new players with more experience which benefited us. However, we have had a few issues in regard to coaching staff moving on into different roles and jobs. This caused us to lose structure and consistency within the team and obviously caused a few problems but now we’ve got back into a routine of training constantly we’re starting to pick ourselves back up. 

What are the aims for this season, with over half of it completed?

I think the aim of this season is to finish on a high, like I said it’s been very up and down for us this season so I think the girls just want to do the best they can do and finish as far up the table as possible for us.

Great result against Leigh Miners last time out, how much confidence has the result given you leading into the end of the season?

I think the game against Leigh Miners gave us a massive confidence boost which was what we needed. No one went into the game expecting that result, but we all went into the game with the right frame of mind and a lot more confidence because we got back into our routine. If we keep working hard and play like we did against Leigh, then we all have high hopes for the rest of the season. 

Big game against Warrington next – how do you think the two sides compare?

I’m never sure what to expect when we play Warrington, in a preseason friendly we beat them but we made it hard work for ourselves. Both teams have had time to know how their team-mates play and both teams will have gelled a lot more. We have obviously not had the best start to the season but we’re all determined and willing to put in the hard work and hopefully come away with the win now everything has settled down and we can focus on playing our game.

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