25 Jul 2019


Giants Women Co-Captain talks the growth of Women's Sport this Summer.

After a fantastic summer of Women's Sport, we talked to Jamie-Leigh Scott, co-captain of the Huddersfield Giants Women on the season so far and the progress made by the Women's game ahead of the Challenge Cup Final on Wednesday. 

It’s been a great summer for Women’s Sport with the Women’s Football World Cup, Netball World Cup and the captivating Women’s Challenge Cup – do you believe the tide has turned and finally the momentum is with Women’s Sport to take off?

I think it’s been amazing for women’s sport this summer. Things are definitely starting to change and it’s all looking up. The media coverage has been fantastic for all the different sports and I believe that things are only going to get bigger and better for women in sport. It’s inspirational and definitely something to look forward to.

How important is it for your own motivation to see Women’s Sport take centre stage and to see record crowds at Women’s Rugby League games across the country?

It is definitely a big motivation, I play rugby because I love the sport and I want to progress in the game. The fact that women’s sport is progressing so much only motivates me more. I want to push myself to play at the highest level possible and make the most of these opportunities as they’re getting better for women in sport.

What state do you think the Women’s RL game is in?

I believe that the women’s game is in the best position it has ever been in. We have women playing for high level clubs. Games are getting publicised so much more and getting the recognition that they deserve. It’s amazing. I think that the women’s game has really got off the ground now and it will only get better. 

How do you think it will improve further in the coming years? 

I think there is still more that needs to be done within the women’s game but hopefully one day it will be a career and we won’t be playing at high levels and putting all this effort in along side full time jobs. Hopefully one day playing rugby will be a full time job for women.