15 Oct 2020

2020 Season Ticket Information

Dear Season Ticket Holder,

I hope this letter finds you well in these difficult times.

The impact of Covid-19 has certainly been incredibly challenging for everyone and no less so than within the Rugby League community. Indeed, Super League and the whole of Rugby League, is facing an unprecedented and more dangerous set of circumstances, than in the whole of it’s 125 year history.

The Huddersfield Giants and everybody involved with our great Club have been deeply affected by the pandemic and the knock-on effect this has had on our wonderful sport. With a large amount of uncertainty surrounding the future, the Club has been trying to find solutions, in a daily changing landscape, to ensure that we can find a way through these difficult times. Personally, and on your behalf, I would like to pay a special tribute to our staff and all our players, who, without exception, have all taken significant pay cuts.

In addition, the support of you, our loyal fan base, has been second to none and we are eternally grateful for your continued support of the Club. Giants TV and the Giants Lottery have been well supported throughout this period and have been essential to us returning to play.

As well as the loss of income from playing behind closed doors we face significant extra costs, such as our essential and regular Covid-19 testing, which on its own will take a substantial portion (six figures) of our total season ticket income.

With this in mind we must now address the future of the Club and the forthcoming seasons. Up until recently we were hoping that we would be able to return to play at the John Smith’s Stadium. We were preparing for the return of 1000 spectators for a pilot game which, it was hoped, would be a major step on the road to normality. Unfortunately, that is no longer possible and we now have to face the fact that it is highly unlikely that we will be able to play in front of spectators at the Stadium in 2020. As you know, we are currently playing our games behind closed doors which will obviously leave you with a number of unattended games.

With this in mind Huddersfield Giants would like to offer you, our loyal season ticket holders,  the following options in relation to the current state of the BetFred Super League and remaining games of the season;

Option One - Donate

This is a real opportunity for you to directly help us survive this incredibly difficult time by donating your Season Ticket payment to the Club. Despite our best efforts, including the salary cuts, the harsh reality is that in our current situation, if we have to refund all this year’s Season Tickets the Club will be in a very precarious financial position. The donate option will mean that you donate the value of your unattended games back to the Club. This option would undoubtedly be the most welcome gesture you could make in supporting the Club, and it is the one which we hope you will decide to choose.

Should you select this as your preferred option we will make a commitment to you that we will freeze the price of your season ticket for at least the next two years at your relevant price class. 

Option Two - Credit

This option will entitle you to receive a credit towards your 2021 season ticket that is equivalent to the pro-rata value of the unavailable games during the 2020 season. The level of credit will be based upon the number of home games that spectators were unable to attend due to cancellations or games played behind closed doors and will be subject to your relevant price class. To qualify for the credit, you will need to complete the form for each individual season ticket holder within your household.

The same two options will also apply to any Season Car Park and Bar Passes.

In the event that you would prefer a pro-rata refund, please contact Rachel Chambers on 01484 484159 or by emailing rachel@giantsrl.com.

Please be aware that if you do not complete and return the form before the 8th November 2020, your 2020 Season Ticket pro-rata amount will be classed as a donation to the Club.
Please find your 2020 Season Ticket option form by clicking here, which I urge you to complete and return by 08/11/2020.

May I thank you in advance for your support, which I can assure you is so essential to our survival in the months and years ahead.

Yours in Sport,

Ken Davy
Huddersfield Giants Chairman